CuteCumber Boats

With the perfect combination of crunchy and creamy textures, these little boats are a great mid-day snack or appetizer at a party.

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1 10 oz (283 g) bag Mucci Farms
  CuteCumbers™ Snack-Sized Cucumbers

1 tub (227 g, 8 oz) of prepared hummus

Paprika, to taste

Extra-virgin olive oil,
  to taste

1 mini Parisienne scoop



· Using your mini Parisienne scoop, remove the center of each CuteCumbers™.
  (You can save the balls for another recipe or salad).

· Place the hummus into a piping bag with a very small star shaped tip.

· Fill the CuteCumbers™ with hummus.

· Garnish with paprika and extra-virgin olive oil.

· Chill and serve.



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