Stuffed Bella Sweets Mini Peppers

Perfect as a side dish or appetizer, these mini peppers are great for kids and adults alike.

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15 Mucci Farms Bella Sweets™ Super Sweet
  Mini Peppers, 5 of each colour

3 Mucci Farms Bella Sweets™ Super Sweet
  Mini Peppers, one of each colour, diced

1 Mucci Farms Mini Cucumber, diced

Salt and pepper, to taste                                        

2 cups of basmati rice

1 jar (6 oz. / 170 g) roasted
  red peppers, puréed

6 oz. basil pesto

1 tsp. minced garlic



· Cut the top of each pepper and remove the insides to ready them
  for stuffing.

· Cook basmati rice, rinse under cool water and divide evenly into
  3 separate bowls.

· In the first bowl, incorporate the puréed roasted red peppers and mix.

· In the second bowl incorporate the pesto, and mix.

· In the third bowl, incorporate diced cucumbers, peppers, garlic and salt
  and pepper to taste.

· Stuff each pepper with a different basmati mix. Alternate peppers in the
  dish for a colourful presentation.

· Serve chilled or oven roasted.



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