Stuffed Tomatoes on the Vine will win over any tomato hater! These flavoursome tomatoes go well as a side dish or try as a starter.

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2 Mucci Farms Tomatoes on the Vine
  clusters, sliced

1 box (150 g) Boursin herbed cheese

4 sprigs of fresh chives,
  finely cut

5 oz (142 g) pepper curls,
  for garnish


· Cut the tops and bottoms of the tomatoes with a very sharp knife.

· With a small spoon remove all insides of the tomatoes then place
  upside down over a paper towel to remove any additional liquid.

· Gently whip the Boursin cheese. With a small spoon, completely fill
  the hollowed tomatoes.

· Top the tomatoes with the chives, place over pepper curls and
  serve chilled.



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