Curio Tomato Panini

Panini’s are a great choice for lunch or dinner, but when
  you use our Curio™ tomatoes they become even better.

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1 Mucci Farms Curio™
  Gourmet Tomato

4 leaves Mucci Farms Naked Leaf
  Living Basil

2 slices Texas Toast-style bread

1 tbsp. of butter
  (room temperature)

1 thick slice
  mozzarella cheese

Sea salt, to taste


· Slice the tomato in to 4-5 even pieces.

· Spread butter to 1 side of each slice of bread.

· Place bread butter-side down.

· Place mozzarella onto bread.

· Place salted tomato onto mozzarella.

· Place final piece of bread butter-side up onto the sandwich.

· Place sandwich into Panini press at 300 °F (149 ºC) for 5-7 minutes.



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