One of our main growers, Bert's attention to detail shows in the quality of produce he grows.

"Since building our first wooden frame poly greenhouse in 1969, we have continued to grow our business by using new technologies with common practices. We have passed these values down to our sons and daughters. We are happy to see that these values are being used today. "

- TONY MUCCI, Founder

Eleven years ago, Bert started running to relieve stress and get some exercise. Now he runs for the thrill of it and completes in Marathons such as the Boston Marathon, Detroit Marathon, Toronto and Chicago Marathons. Bert says that when running in a marathon, it's often best to stay ahead of the pack. In the competitive greenhouse industry, it is absolutely critical.

As Bert grew up working along side his father and uncles, his passion for growing was apparent. 'Bert was always coming up with new ways to do things to improve the quality of the product and the growing area.' Berts latest idea for improvement uses the idea of burning solid waste products to be used to generated heat and power to run the greenhouses, you can see more at

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