We’ve created an efficient way of growing flavourful vegetables and the concept is simple – create the perfect growing conditions and the plants will thrive.

How We Grow

Greenhouses are a highly researched method of growing, but at the end of the day we’re still just farmers looking for a great growing season. Greenhouses help us to create that environment: by providing our plants with the perfect temperature, humidity and the optimal amount of water, they are able to put all of their energy toward producing great tasting vegetables.  Additionally, because less energy is spent on survival and fighting adverse environmental conditions, greenhouse produce typically has higher nutrient contents and yields than field-grown vegetables.

Even with computer controlled irrigation and temperature, Mother Nature is still active in our greenhouse ecosystem.  Bees fly around to pollinate the plants and rather than pesticides we use a program called Integrated Pest Management where ‘good bugs’ (such as lady bugs) prey on ‘bad bugs.’  Additionally, we’re able to use a fraction of the land and water that traditional farming requires with high yields and by sterilizing and re-circulating our run-off water.

Where We Grow

Flat land, warm summers and moderate winters

Located on the north shore of Lake Erie, the Leamington and Kingsville region is home to the largest concentration of greenhouses in North America.  With its flat land and moderate climate, the area has been actively farmed since the early 1800s and this rich tradition has become the foundation for our expansive greenhouse industry today.  Commonly known as the ‘Sun Parlour,’ the area boasts one of the warmest climates in Canada, second only to British Columbia’s lower mainland.

The majority of Ontario’s 1,800 acres of greenhouses are located in the Leamington and Kingsville region and are surrounded by supporting infrastructure that keep us running smoothly and up to date with the latest technology and research.  Our greenhouse farms grow fresh produce with significantly higher yields than traditional farming practices, and together with our carefully selected Mexican growing partners, we are able to provide premium greenhouse produce year round.

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