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October 16th, 2017 Kingsville, Ontario — Mucci Farms announces the full-scale production of the Award Winning Veggies-to-Go™ On-the-Go Snacks for Kids. “After several months of market research, in-store demos and engaging with current and potential retail partners to develop the product along with the innovative EZ Snap packaging, we are ready for full production,” said Danny Mucci, Vice President of Sales and Marketing.  “We are confident that Veggies-to-Go™ will have a big impact on our industry as the snacking category continues to make big gains in the marketplace.”

Veggies-to-Go™ is a 9-ounce pack divided into 3-ounce compartments with “EZ Snap” packaging, allowing each compartment to be “snapped” off.  This pack is composed of a combination of Mucci Farms Sun DropsTM or Sun BlissTM Grape Tomatoes, CuteCumbersTM and Sweet To The PointTM pointed mini peppers.   A club pack version is also available as a 3-tier 27-ounce package. 

“Not only is this a convenient package for the consumer, it’s also fully customizable for our retail partners based on their target demographics,” explains Joe Spano, Vice President of Sales and Marketing.  “We’ve got 4 great commodities, and our retail partners have the option to choose any combination of them to create their own version of the Veggies-to-Go™ package.”

Mucci Farms Veggies-to-Go™ won the “Freggie Approved” Award at the Canadian Produce Marketing Association’s Convention & Expo recognizing the best kid-centric product and package, and most recently won the Award for Best New Package Promo at the PMA’s Fresh Summit Conference and Expo in New Orleans. 

A term used to describe their retail partners, employees and consumers, Mucci Farms is looking forward to working with their “Partners in Produce” to make Veggies-to-Go™ a household name across North America. 

Mucci Farms is a greenhouse fruit & vegetable grower, packer, shipper and marketer committed to premium quality, flavour and building strong partnerships with clients and consumers.  With a passion for investing in innovative technology to improve food safety, sustainability and efficiency, Mucci Farms is proud of its open-minded approach and steady growth for over 50 years.