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March 1st, 2018 Kingsville, Ontario — Mucci Farms announces that they have been awarded a Best In Class Award in the New Brand – Food & Beverage category at the 2018 Packaging Consortium (PAC) Awards.  Highly regarded as a global industry leader, PAC is a not-for-profit corporation that includes over 2,500 members throughout the packaging value chain.  Their networking process includes webinars, seminars, conferences, competitions, facility tours, education programs, trade shows, technical work groups and social activities throughout the year.  

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“We are excited and honoured to receive another award for Veggies To Go™️” said Emily Murracas, Director of Marketing.  “Having been recognized within the produce industry for this product and package, it’s particularly exciting to be recognized in a broader context amongst well-established world-class brands and packages.”  

The annual PAC Awards were judged by a panel of international brand design packaging experts from around the world.  Well over 200 entries were judged on a variety of criteria requiring entrants to submit detailed responses to several questions pertaining to sustainability, food safety, cost, packaging material, graphic design, print process, practical usage and the story of the product from inception to market.  “Veggies to Go™️ was an exciting and challenging project that took us three years to bring to the market, so it’s very rewarding to have it received so well by retailers, consumers and now industry packaging experts,” said Fernanda Albuquerque, New Product Development Manager.  

Veggies to Go™️ has received several awards including the Freggie Approved award at the Canadian Produce Marketing Association’s Convention & Expo recognizing the best kid-centric product and package and most recently won the Award for Best New Package Promo at the PMA’s 2017 Fresh Summit Conference and Expo.  The PAC Awards were presented at Brand Experience Magazine’s BXP Live! Conference in Bonita Springs, Florida on Tuesday February 27th, 2018.  A team from Mucci Farms was on hand to accept the award.  Veggies to Go™️ will be featured in the new product showcase at the SEPC’s Southern Exposure Conference this week in Tampa, Florida. 

Mucci Farms is a greenhouse fruit & vegetable grower, packer, shipper and marketer committed to premium quality, flavour and building strong partnerships with clients and consumers.  With a passion for investing in innovative technology to improve food safety, sustainability and efficiency, Mucci Farms is proud of its open-minded approach and steady growth for over 50 years.