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May 13th, 2020 Kingsville, Ontario — Mucci Farms announces that they have been awarded the top prize by the CPMA for Packaging Innovation for their newest sustainable packaging initiative, Paper Top Seal. Continuing their momentum from winning Best Sustainable Packaging for Simple Snack at the 2019 PMA Fresh Summit Conference and Expo, they’ve introduced yet another exciting packaging option to excite the industry and consumers alike. 

The new innovative solution reduces the use of plastic on common footprint containers, and effectively converts them into 100% fully recyclable packages.  “It’s no secret that sustainability is a primary subject in the food industry so it’s great to be recognized for our ongoing efforts to address these global challenges,” said Fernanda Albuquerque, Packaging Development Manager.  The Award-Winning Paper Top Seal package replaces the plastic top seal film with a paper film, allowing both the PET tray and lid to be fully recyclable.  “We are focused on reducing plastic in every way we can so it was exciting to be able to innovate and modify an existing package and make it that much more environmentally friendly.”

The Packaging Innovation Award was one of four categories that also included Best Snackable Product, Best Organic Product and Best New Product.  56 products represented by 44 companies were judged by a panel of industry professionals in an all new virtual format presented by Canadian Grocer.  Traditionally, the New Product Showcases are displayed at the annual CPMA Trade Show and Conference.  “The virtual showcases gave us a chance to expand our creativity,” explained Emily Murracas, Director of Marketing.  “We have a very talented in-house team that did a great job with graphics, video and digital media to be creative with content in an exclusively online setting.” The Paper Top Seal lineup is currently in trial stages and will be initially offered in standard 1 pint to 2lb top seal formats based on product.

The company additionally introduced Zingers™️ Shishito Peppers, mild finger length peppers that offer a unique experience with 1 in 10 peppers being spicy, Teeny-Tiny Smuccies™️, a bite-sized version of another Award-Winning product, as well as a renewed push and expanded Organic Cucumber program. 

The Annual CPMA Convention and Trade Show was cancelled this year due to ongoing concerns with Covid-19 but plans on making a full return in person March 2-4, 2021 in Vancouver, British Columbia.