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Our new Tomato-X is an exotic tomato bursting with extreme flavour. Incredibly crisp, refreshing and exhilarating, it’s a tomato experience like no other. An exceptional snacking tomato, great all on its own.
tomato x 1pint clam
Securely opens and closes for convenience and safe storage for leftover product
Recyclable Material Classified under category 5 recyclability
tomato x pint
Convenient handheld size
Tamper evident seal to ensure food safety
tomato x 1.5lb clam
Cardboard Band is sustainable and biodegradable
Scannable QR Code for recipe information
tomato x 1pint clam

1 Pint Clamshell

tomato x pint

1 Pint

tomato x 1.5lb clam

1.5lb Clamshell

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