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Pizza Salad

Impress your guests with this easy family style hearty yet refreshing salad. The sun-dried tomato and basil dressing livens up every bite with gourmet pizza flavours.
Servings: 4
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  • Sun-dried Tomato and Basil dressing:

  • ⅓ cup olive oil

  • ⅓ cup red wine vinegar

  • 3 tbsp sliced sun-dried tomatoes

  • 1 tbsp dijon mustard

  • 1 clove garlic

  • ½ tsp dried oregano

  • ½ tsp each salt and pepper

  • ¼ cup packed basil leaves

  • Pizza Salad:

  • 6 cups mixed salad greens

  • 3-4 Mucci Farms Memento Heirloom Tomatoes, halved and sliced

  • 2 cups bite-sized torn or cubed fresh focaccia bread

  • 1 cup julienned cacciatore salami

  • 2 cups sliced cremini mushrooms, sautéed and cooled

  • ½ cup diced aged provolone cheese

  • ½ cup bocconcini pearls

  • ⅓ cup sautéed sliced cremini mushrooms

  • ⅓ cup sliced green olives

  • ⅓ cup sliced red onion

  • ⅓ cup pickled hot pepper rings

  • black pepper and basil to garnish

  • For the sun-dried tomato and basil dressing: Place oil, vinegar, sun-dried tomatoes, mustard, garlic, oregano, salt and pepper and basil in a blender cup. Blend with an immersion hand blender until sundried tomatoes and basil have become small flecks and dressing is emulsified.

  • For the pizza salad: Place salad greens on a large shallow bowl. Arrange toppings in groupings on greens. Season with black pepper and garnish with basil. Serve with dressing on the side.

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